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      Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., Ltd.
      SPECOM Advantage

      Support system:

      • The autoclave total volume: of 300 m    

      • Hydrogenation pressure: 1Mpa

      • Maximum stainless steel reactor: 3000L    

      • Centrifuge Quantity: 8 units

      • Maximum enamel reactor: 5000L         

      • Minimum enamel reactor: 100L  

      • High temperature reaction temperature: 250 degrees

      • Low-temperature reaction temperature: -30 degrees

      • Try the device volume: 500ml to 10L    

      • Day distillation capacity: 10 tons

      Custom Synthesis Services category

      Type of reaction: oxidation reaction, reduction reaction, acylation reaction, cyclization reaction, the condensation reaction, an amidation reaction.

      Custom Service Quality Management

      1. Our company established a completed quality assurance system. We take quality as the life of our products and the root of our development.

      2. Professional communication and attentive service;

      3. Strictly following the specification required by customers and updating the status to customers on time.

      4. Strict document management system and intellectual property rights protection system to ensure technology and business secret safety for customers.

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      • Add: No.9, East Renmin Road, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu, China.

        Mob: +86-159 9599 0698 ( Roger )

        Tel: +86-512-5899 2287 / 5899 2293 / 5899 2292 / 5899 2289

        Fax: +86-512-5899 2285 / 400 826 6163 ext 02661

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